10th Philippine International Pyromusical Competition

Last November 2018, I was scrolling through Facebook and I saw this post about the 10th Philippine International Pyromusical Competition and I quickly checked it out. I saw the date for it was February 16, a week after Lexi’s birthday and our anniversary. I had some money saved and I didn’t hesitate to get us the best seats in the house. Lexi has been wanting something like this.

I was so excited when I got the tickets that I kept hyping it up to Lexi. I kept on telling her that I have prepared the biggest date of our relationship. She doesn’t like secrets and every time I try to surprise her, she would keep on asking until I spoil it.

While we were going out on a date one night, she almost saw the tickets! She faintly saw the SM Tickets logo but I keep on insisting that I reserved us seats at a fine dining restaurant. I kept my cool until I was able to make her believe that we are indeed going to a restaurant.

A week before the date

It was a busy day at work when my co-worker asked me: “have you seen the news about the pyromusical event?”.

I quickly checked my phone and saw that the event was moved!

Not only was it moved to February 23, but it was moved to SM Clark Pampanga from SM Mall of Asia!

I was really surprised by that announcement and it felt like the surprise was ruined. I couldn’t put the blame on the organizers. They were giving way for Manila Bay’s rehabilitation and I honestly commend them for that.

I asked permission from both of our parents and we were able to push through.

Stopover at Petron NLEX

The day of the event

The event will start at 7:30pm. According to waze, travel time from Lexi’s place to SM Clark is around 3 and half hours. Knowing Manila traffic, we left at around 2pm.

Since its our biggest date so far, I came prepared. I wanted to make her feel special once our day began.

The travel from Cavite to Clark was as I expected. Unexpected traffic everywhere. Instead of taking EDSA, I followed Waze to go through Laong Laan. Our 3 and a half hours travel became 5!

We had a stopover at the first Petron when you enter NLEX.

The sun was setting down. It was beautiful. And it was more beautiful to watch because I was with her.

Event Proper

We arrived at SM Clark at around 7:00 but because of the large volume of cars, we were able to find a spot around 7:20.

The patron area was right when you enter the event area. It was small and nice so you could really feel the exclusivity of it. We weren’t able to see what the other areas looked like but one of the VIP ticket areas was beside the patron area and its almost the same just without the buffet.

The buffet was opened while the program was being started. The food was nice but it could have been better. But hey! After a long drive, I wouldn’t mind any food I could get! On my plate are Kare-Kare, fish fillet, buttered shrimp, and lechon kawali.

Philippine’s Opening Exhibition and Belgium’s Display

Philippine’s Platinum Fireworks started off the competition with a history of music theme. Their wonderful display of fireworks was perfectly in sync with the music of each decade.

It was really amazing to watch and it mesmerizes us on how they are able to organize it!

Meanwhile, Belgium’s CBF Pyrotechnics display was also perfect! The patterns and the beautiful combination of colors was exciting. Their finale was also a bang!

I was sure that Lexi enjoyed it. The smile on her face and spark on her eyes while she watch the fireworks in the air was genuine happiness to my heart.

Catch more of the competition

The 10th Philippine International Pyromusical Competition will have shows every Saturday from the day we went, February 23. Their finale will be on March 30.

Every Saturday, participants from different countries will showcase their premium fireworks. To see more, check out their Facebook page here.

Final Thoughts

We traveled for around a total of 8 hours. For me, every second of it was worth it. Lexi was happy. I was happy. We were satisfied and most importantly, its by far our best date ever.

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