Kinyoubida Japanese restaurant interior

Kinyoubida Japanese Restaurant Review

Lexi, and I love Japanese food. Back when we were in college, Japanese food was our go-to food every time we go on a date. That’s why when I noticed this new Japanese restaurant in BF Homes, Paranaque, I immediately invited her to try it out.

Lexi and I at Kinyoubida Japanese Restaurant

The Place

Kinyoubida just opened last January 18. The place wasn’t crowded and the people greeted us with a smile.

I wasn’t able to take a picture of the whole place (i’m still new to this blogging thing so please bear with me hahaha!). From the outside, the restaurant looks a bit small and when you go inside, it feels a little narrow.

The first part of the restaurant was filled with chairs and tables while the second part was more of a Japanese-style place where you could go sit down on the floor. The interior doesn’t have a lot of decorations but it is really chill and peaceful. We liked the ambiance of the place with only the dim lights per table lighting up the area but the overall design could still be improved for sure.

The Food

For a small place, the food was really lovely. They have sides such as Gyoza and Chicken Karaage. They also serve salads and set meals. Their long list of Maki’s costs from 180 pesos for Crispy Crazy Maki Roll to 300 pesos for their Haku Special (Sandwich Maki).

They also have Yakitori and each order comes in 2 sticks. Their ramen menu ranges from 250 pesos to 300 pesos. Their bento specials that comes with miso soup, sushi rice, yasai itame, and potato salads costs about 250 pesos to 350 pesos. To check their full menu, follow this link to their Zomato profile: Kinyoubida Japanese Restaurant.

I ordered Chashu Ramen, a shoyu based ramed with braised pork belly, while Lexi ordered the Tendon, 3 pcs of tempura with deep fried onion rings and rice. Lexi also loves sashimi and so we also tried out their Tuna sashimi.

Before receiving our orders, they served us two complimentary dishes of maki. We forgot to ask what were those on the menu but they taste really good!

Kinyoubida Chashu Ramen

The ramen was delicious! The soup was perfect and not too salty. I was surprised to see a lot of pork. A lot of Japanese restaurants I have been to would only have a few pieces. They were very tender too.

Kinyoubida Tendon

Lexi really enjoyed the tendon. She loves tempura and this one didn’t disappoint! Their special house sauce gives the rice a little sweetness; perfectly went well with the tempura.

These 7 slices of tuna sashimi were heaven! I haven’t tasted a lot of sashimi before but this was probably the best one I have tasted so far. It was fresh and creamy.

Final Thoughts

Kinyoubida gave us a great dining experience. Its a great place to hangout with friends or have a Japanese dinner date with your love one. Our total bill was around 930 pesos along with the drinks we ordered. We wanted to try out their Matcha Cake but our tummies were too full. We’ll definitely go back for sure.

To get a taste of Kinyoubida, visit them at 193 Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes, Paranaque. They are open every day at 10am and close for a break at 2pm. They open again at 6pm and stay up until 2am.

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