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Family Dinner at La Ne Kitchen Dasmarinas

La Ne Kitchen is a restaurant located along Emilio Aguinaldo Highway Dasmarinas. It’s been operating for quite some time now. I can’t remember exactly when they opened but I do remember seeing this restaurant back when I was still in college but I never really got to try it out.

The night before my dad left for abroad again, we wanted to go out and have a nice dinner. We wanted to eat somewhere close that we haven’t tried before and it was the perfect time to try out La Ne Kitchen.

La Ne Kitchen Location and Ambiance

La Ne Kitchen is just around 10 minutes away from Dasmarinas Bayan, Waltermart Dasmarinas, or SM Dasmarinas. It’s not that noticeable and it’s along the highway so it’s kind of easy to miss.

La Ne Kitchen Entrance

The restaurant has a classic simplistic design that feels really comfortable. I wasn’t able to go up the second floor of the restaurant but there were a lot of people there so I think it’s easy to say dining there would be great.

La Ne Kitchen Front Desk

The white walls with a touch of modern design of mirrors and frames blended well. We loved how the restaurant felt and true to what the sign say at their front door, it does feel like home. Hopefully next time we get to try their second floor.

The Food

The first thing I noticed with the restaurant’s menu is the number of items inside. Usually, restaurants would offer a lot of food choices for different cuisines but La Ne Kitchen’s menu is different. I love that they kept it straightforward and focused on their specialty: home cooked meals. The number of choices did not overwhelm us so it was easy to decide.

Their best sellers include Sinigang with Bangus Belly or Lechon Kawali, Gambas Pasta, Roasted American Baby Back Ribs, Pork Sisig, Pork Binagoongan, Pork Humba, Beef Kare-Kare, Beef Pochero, etc. Take a look at their menu here:

For starters, we tried their mushroom soup and Asian salad (that I wasn’t able to take a picture of because mom and dad ate it right away. We also ordered a mango shake and cold table (that I wasn’t able to take a picture as well because my sisters drank it right away).

We ordered their Pork Humba, Chopsuey, Kare-kare, and Tinapa rice. The food tasted great! The serving was also generous. The bagoong complimented the Kare-kare really well. The pork humba’s sweetness was just right and the meat was tender. The chopsuey’s vegetables was cooked perfectly. Lastly, the tinapa rice’s flavor was strong but it was just right not to get in the way of the other dishes taste.

I took my eyes of for a second and the Kare-kare and Pork Humba was already out of meat! It’s easy to say that my family enjoyed the food. Our bill was around 1,800 and it came with a 5% service charge. I would say that it’s really worth it. That price already came with appetizers and drinks,

Final Thoughts

Dining at La Ne Kitchen

La Ne Kitchen’s great food and great ambiance is perfect for family dinners. Their home cooked dishes makes us want to come back for more and we will definitely visit them again.

We’ve lived in Dasmarinas for a long time and eating is our family’s favorite thing to do. It’s easy to say that La Ne Kitchen is one of the best local restaurant in Dasmarinas and it is a must try if you’re in town.

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  1. You are in the level of Great Content creators. Great blog for a very Passionate restaurant who wants to pour out joy and happiness in every plate that it serves. Thank you very much Adrian!!!

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