Overnight Stay at Azure Urban Resort Residences

Azure Urban Resort Residences is a very popular destination for those who want to experience the urban lifestyle. A lot of condominiums are open for rent through Airbnb. They are most famous for their man-made beach.

Last May 25, I booked a penthouse unit at the Maldives tower of Azure (and no its not a fancy room since that’s probably the first thing that comes to mind when people say penthouse).

My father is an OFW and he comes home twice a year. I wanted to give back to my parents bit by bit now that I’m working and I thought treating them to vacations like this would be nice.

My family is also very supportive of my blog! So I wanted to post this Azure review for them to see.

Check-in Process

It’s peak season so there were a lot of people during our check-in. The first problem was the lack of parking space since the unit we rented didn’t have a reserved parking space. There is a pay parking area around Azure but there were too many people. I luckily got a parking spot. They also opened up a parking space underground where tenants park but there were just too many people.

At the lobby, I met with Lloyd who is the owner of the condo unit we’re going to rent. The lobby was packed that time and there were other families there too along with condo unit owners to assist them in checking-in.

Azure is pretty strict when it comes to guests. So here are two things you need to know prior your check-in:

Guest List

Once you booked your stay, your host will ask for the list of names that will be coming a long with you and they will submit that to Azure’s management.

After a few days, you’ll receive a confirmation email from Azure indicating the date of your stay and the list of names of your family or group.

During your check-in date, if a person with you is not on the list, he or she can’t enter. I don’t know if there is a work around on this where you could pay for the additional person.

Valid IDs

During your check-in, all of the guests should present a valid ID at the reception. You will be accompanied by your host and the receptionist will give you visitors pass that you could present to security personnel when going in and out of the property.

I should also mention that if you’re going to park at the pay parking area, you also need to leave another ID there so if own and drive a car, it’s better if you bring 2 IDs with you.

Our Room

I got our room for 3,330 pesos. The room itself is only 2,100 per night but there are other charges like Cleaning Fee and Service Fee which are 850 pesos and 380 pesos respectively.

Our room was at the top of Azure’s Maldives tower. The room is quite simple, enough for 4 to 6 people. The living room has a couch and TV. There was no WiFi in the unit but mobile data reception is pretty good. The kitchen is also complete with utensils you could use.

There are 2 bedrooms, both are air conditioned. There are also double-sized beds for both rooms and there are extra foams and an extra sofa bed.

When we arrived, the room was clean and presentable and it was as I expected. So kudos to Lloyd! If you want to check out his listing, you could do so at Airbnb here.

I can’t say the same for other units if they have the same amenities so better to ask your host before booking.

Azure’s Famous Paris Beach Club

Azure has four pools, two of which are only accessible for tenants and the famous man-made beach which is a wave pool and is accessible for all guests. Beside the man-made beach is a small pool for kids.

If you want to enjoy the sun and take a splash at the pool, you’ll have to go to a tent stationed near the pool. There are tickets booth there where you need to present the visitor’s pass given to you by the receptionist during your check-in.

Depending on the unit you rented, you’ll get free entrance to the wave pool. If there are extra persons in your group, they’ll have to pay 250 pesos per head. For our us, our room included 4 tickets free and we only had to pay 1 extra.

It was peak season so there was no surprise that the pool was crowded. Even more people got to the pool when the waves started.

There were life guards scattered around the pool area and the pool’s depth was around 5 ft. maximum so I would say it’s pretty safe.

If you’re going at peak season just like we did, I’d recommend not bringing along a lot of stuff. There were no place to leave personal belongings behind along the pool.

Final Thoughts

That’s it for my Azure review! Our stay at Azure was enjoyable and I hope we could spend more days the next time we rent a room. It was simple yet pleasant. For our food, we just ordered from GrabFood most of the time since there are a lot of restaurants available around the area. Quite the urban experience I must say.

I would recommend booking a stay after the peak season so you could enjoy the pool more.

The most important part of our stay was we were able to do it together as family. Since my dad is an OFW, we only get to be complete twice a year during his vacation. I am blessed to have a job and be able to give back to my parents.

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